Single Site Config


I have a relatively busy forum at around 10000 concurrent users at all time, php/mysql heavily. I have a fairly sophisticated setup:

Email Server are handled by another server
DNS are handled by another service
MySQL Database are on other servers Master/Slave(s) replication
All other static files are being served from CDN.
No FTP Server necessary, no clam-av, no firewall (hardware firewall + arbor anti-ddos). No bandwidth/quotas checker
No analytic process necessary.

And is there anyway to disable everything I listed above without breaking the panel?

Hi mikei

Just goto nodeworx, server settings, and selecting the type of service you want stop, then just click the stop button.

Thinking about it, you could I suppose do this from the general screen first shown when logged into nodeworx.

Many thanks


John is correct – you can disable any service from NodeWorx by going to the System Services menu in NodeWorx. In addition to turning them off, also make sure to set them to not start on boot.