Site preview

Hi All,

I got two customers which both have a domain where the first 8 letters are the some.

When I go the site preview of the first customer it works: (username is scouting)

But it doesn’t work for the second one: (username is scoutin1)

Should I restart something to get this to work or does this simply not work?



Yes it should work… they do on our boxes as far as I’m aware.

Are the sites on the same IP’s?

Yes, on the same IPs

Hi Ramon-

This should definitely work. We’ll check out this problem using the login information provided in the other tickets.


Thanks Dustin!

Hi Ramon-

In looking into this, I can’t seem to replicate the problem. If I go to the two sites in question, I get two different sites. Can you recreate the issue now?


I treid to… but it’s strange… it’s working now…
We restarted httpd and DNS a few times… maybe that solved the issue.

I just heard from my collegue that it has had this issue also a few times, restarting httpd was te solution, but I did that and it didn’t work… but could have been the cache in IE.