SiteWorx Accounts - No Sort Order?

Could somebody please tell me, in which order SiteWorx accounts are shown in InterWorx, because it seems to be random to me.

I now have about 25 accounts on my new server, and it would be helpful if accounts at least would show up in alphabetical order.

Even better would be if there would be a “sort link” on each header (Name, Domain, Bandwidth Allowed, etc.) so I could sort and view my account in the order I chose.

Until this feature request have been considered, and maybe even implemented, is there any where in a config file, I can specify the sort order?


Currently it is sorted by the order the accounts were added. Unfortunately there isn’t a really easy way do change this at the moment, but I’ll get some basic sorting functionality in the next release minor release, which will be in the next day or so.


Thanks Paul I look forward to that.

Just for your information, I know for sure that my 25 accounts is NOT sorted in the order I added them.

Currently the first site I added is at the bottom, the second and third site is at 6 and 7 positions above that. And finally two sites I added today is in the middle of everything!

Yikes :slight_smile: We’ll have to straighten that out.

I noticed you fixed that little problem. Thanks. It was annoying me too. FYI there truely didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for the order and it would change every time I logged in. Glad you guys took care of it.