SiteWorx accounts not showing used space

I have imported about 30 accounts from an old cpanel reseller, but all of them still show 0.00MB space being used.

There are files in each of the accounts, as I’ve had to fix one or two config files…

Is it broken, or does it only update every X hours?


Hi Fr3d-

Rebuilding the quotas should do the trick:

(run the following as a user with root/sudo access)

df /home (this will tell you where /home is mounted)
quotacheck -cugvmf -F vfsv0 /<wherever /home is mounted> (to rebuild quotas)
/home/interworx/cron/storage.pex (to force iworx to rerun the storage cron and update the information)

Also, verify that the entry in iworx.ini under [quota] is set to where /home is mounted.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, please open a support ticket and we’ll get it taken care of.


Thanks… But that didn’t fix it :frowning:

I changed the quota thing to /dev/hda8, which is where /home is mounted, and restarted interworx, but no change :frowning:

I’ve opened a ticket.

Hi Fr3d-

Just to clear up any confusion, [quota] should not be set to the physical device partition (/dev/hda8) but rather to the mount point of /home.


Yeah, that’s what I changed it to.