Siteworx Error

If I login to Siteworx through: www.domain.tld/siteworx (by entering email, password and domain in their respective boxes), once logged in, I see the following error in red at the top of the screen:

Managing Website: <DOMAIN.TLD>
? 404 - Sorry, we cannot find what you were looking for!
? Unknown Controller: ‘Ctrl_Siteworx_Login’

The URL you are directed to upon login is:

Once you click “SiteWorx Home” on the left side-bar, everything goes back to normal (and the URL shown is https://IP:2443/siteworx/overview).

Any idea why you get directed to /siteworx/login.php, and why this error shows up?

Your best bet here would be to file a support ticket so we can see what’s going on under the covers.