Siteworx File Manager?

Hope you are all well.
Using siteworx file manager, is there a way to upload multiple files or folders without having to choose them individually. Multi select and then upload or even drag and drop to upload.

I know you can use ftp but just wondered if there’s a way to achieve the above.

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Hi bear

Yes there should be from memory

You have 2 choices, select single file or multi file

Select the drop down box and choose upload files you should see the. 2 choice

You could also zip your files and unzip once zip uploaded

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yes there are two choices add single file and multi file but on the multi file its still Click the “Browse” button to select a file each time and then click add more button and repeat the process.

On some hosts you can click on the file and hold Ctrl to select multiple files or a select all option.

Not to worry thought i would ask just in case i was missing something.
Thanks For your reply

Hi bear

Many thanks and your correct

If it helps, I believe the file manager is on road map to be changed but is not high priority so maybe next year at earliest if I’m correct

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John is correct that changing to a new file manager is most likely not going to make the cut this year–hopefully next year.


ok no problem thank you both for your prompt replies.
enjoy the rest of your day :smiley: