Siteworx Newbie SSL Question

Hello, and I apologize in advance for the pesky newbie question!

I am installing a SSL cert from GoDaddy for the first time on Siteworx. I know that my host uses Apache as their webserver, so that is the version I downloaded. The confusion began when I noticed two files in my download: and gd_bundle.crt. I’m not certain which file I am to copy and paste into Siteworx?

Thank you in advance for your help, and have a great weekend!


I hope you got this worked out by now, but for the record, you want the installed as the certificate, and the gd_bundle.crt installed as the “chain” certificate.


And don’t FORGET to keep a copy of your Private Key, save it to WordPad or some other type program. If you should need to reinstall the SSL Certificate your going to need the Private Key, other wise you will need to create another CSR and start the process over.