SiteWorx Realtime graphs not showing


On this page the 3 graphs are just the icon for image not found and there are no graphs.

Any ideas?

They work fine for me Justec. Must be something on your end — or maybe it’s fixed now? You wrote your message an hour or so ago…

Question related to the graphs (you may know) - are these graphs available externally? Say if we want potential clients to see the average traffic on our servers, or the average load? Can you link these graphs up externally without requiring a username/password?

These are just the regular graphs for SiteWorx users to see their own stuff. I haven’t set up anything for external viewing and it is just the default setup (although I think others have posted in this forum about setting that up). We dont have that many users that manage their own account and when I setup an email or sometehing for a client via SW I usually dont look at these graphs so I dont know how long it has been like this.

I’m sure its something simple, but I’m not sure where to start.


We’ve seen broken graphs for a variety of issues. Probably the simplest thing would be to open a ticket, we’ll check it out, and let you know what was up.


Hi Int,

No, there isn’t a pre-existing method to access these graphs publically. What you can do is setup a cronjob to pull these graphs into a public location at whatever interval you choose.


After sending in a support ticket the problem was due to the fact that I moved from a 32bit to 64bit arch and due to the way RRD works they are not compatible. After deleting all files under /home/site/var/ and /home/site/var/, waiting 5 mins for the graphs to rebuild with the new architecture and everything is A-ok!!

Thanks Socheat

arff it did also happens to me when I moved to a 64 bits

I’ve readen this thread to late :slight_smile: