SiteWorx WordPress Plugin?

Just curious, would anyone out there be interested (and see the value) of a SiteWorx WordPress plugin, that would allow the Administrator access to the SiteWorx Control Panel while logged into the back in of WordPress? Of course this would mean the WordPress install would be on the same server of course.

Just curious if there would be any other interest in a plugin like this.

Interesting idea Roy.

Just a revisit of this idea. I found a WP cPanel Login Plugin that appears has been around since May 2007. Interesting, I would think if this can be done with cPanel certainly it could be done for SiteWorx?

This is definitely possible. You’d just need a form that posts the login data to the login controller on siteworx. We aren’t wordpress ninjas though but maybe if a developer gets some spare time they can poke at it. For the time being we encourage anyone who is willing and skilled to provide a plugin and we’d be happy to sticky it here for future reference.

I see a hugh issue with storing the password in cleartext, or in a decodable hash

I agree, there should be a work around.