Small CPU spike ever 2 hours?

I’ve noticed this on my my test server as well as my production server since 3.0.

Seems like every 2 hours (12:00, 14:00, 18:00, 20:00) right on the lines of the graph there is a small CPU spike. It’s not every 2nd hour, but a lot of them and always on the even number. This image is from my test server that gets zero traffic except for me sometimes while testing and moving over the sites.

I can’t seem to find any iworx cron that are lining up with this.

Any ideas?


I’ve noticed that these spikes happen at the same exact time as 4kbits/sec spikes on the BW graph. Is this the network latency check maybe? And what cron does that run in?

You can check the times for your iworx crons by running:

crontab -u iworx -l

Or by selecting the “iworx” user on the NodeWorx Cron Jobs page. However, there isn’t an iworx cronjob that runs every two hours.

Yeah, I looked on the NodeWorx cron page and didn’t see anything that lined up to this. Not a big deal, just wondering what it could be.