Soholaunch added to Interworx

Would it be possible to have Soholaunch ( set up in Interworx so that the Admin can have it added to a new account (or added after account set up)?

I guess it could be added Scriptworx with some type of approval key placed in it to authorize the set up.

This is currently being done in Cpanel, although not sure as to how it set up.

Hi R-n-R-

I took a quick look around at the soholaunch site and it’s currently automatically installed in Cpanel via Fantastico. It’s something that could certainly be added to ScriptWorx, however, We would most likely not add it ourselves, as it is not a free script.

With the next release of the software, folks will have the ability to add their own custom script to ScriptWorx, so this is certainly possible.