Some cpanel imports failing "Did not find homedir.tar /homedir.tar"

I’ve been importing accounts over from a cpanel server, and most of the accounts have been going well and importing fine using the bulk importer.

There are a few accounts, though, where I get this error:

Working directory : /tmp/cpanelImportwRy023, Extracting, Archive extracted successfully, Did not find homedir.tar /homedir.tar, Unable to determine Domain Base

I’ve retried and I consistently get that error for certain accounts. Anyone know what could cause that to happen? Nothing seems unusual about the accounts.

Same problem here

I am trying to import cpanel accounts from last 1 week I am getting same error.
I love interworx, but migrating 100+ accounts manually cannot be done and import tool not working properly.
This on makes me rethink my decision to switch to interworx. Need solution soon.
I am on trail mode now and confused to buy license or not.

Some one please help us.

I guess good to hear it’s not just me… out of curiousity is it happening for all your accounts, or just a subset? For me I’ve migrated about 15 (?) and only had it happen on 3 or 4. So, a large number, but not all.

Upgrading to the latest cpanel stable (11.38.2) fixed this issue, at least for the accounts I’ve retried since then. Haven’t seen this issue again since the cpanel upgrade.

Thank you

Thanks for the reply. I just updated my cpanel. let me see any problem.

For me too migrated about 40 accounts and then all others(100+) having problem.

Hi eviljim & chaladi!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Just to confirm – imports from the latest cPanel release do import correctly now? If not, if you’re willing to provide us with an example backup file, we can investigate what’s going on. The best way to submit it would be through the support system:


Yes, I’ve so far imported another handful (including several that were consistently failing) and have yet to see an issue again. works and I believe I was on when it was failing.

I am not terribly surprised this was a cpanel bug :slight_smile:

Okay so I imported (most of) the rest of my accounts last night and this happened again with one. I was really hoping to get the account migrated so I took a crack at debugging even though I didn’t have much to go off of.

I figured out eventually what I think is causing iworx to bail. For some reason the structure of the backup is usually one folder off the root called something like cpmove or pkgaccount or something like that. In this account’s case there was also an extra folder in the root of the archive just called “home”. There was an entire dir structure “home/public_html/somefolder/” and exactly one file. The thing that stuck out about the file is it had an insane filename (like, 255 characters, lots of weird symbols). When I deleted that file from the user’s account I retried the import and it succeeded.

So it seems like in some situations cpanel’s putting a weird, extra folder in the base of the archive and this confuses iworx. Might be something you could use if you want to build up some resilience against these kinds of failures, and this might help someone if they hit this problem (check the archive for this kind of stuff and delete or manually transfer files it’s barfing up in this weird extra folder.)

This is what happening

in some cpanel full backups homedir.tar file is not creating, instead all files are kept under “homedir/” directory itself. Interstingly when I try to restore this under cpanel its working fine. But under interworx we are getting “homedir.tar missing” error.

I could see a few reasons why interworx – who probably had to reverse engineer the pack format – could choke on these strangely-structured backups.

You can pretty easily work around it, fortunately:

  1. Unpack the backup, move the file(s), repack.
  2. Delete the file(s) (or move it outside the user’s homedir), optionally transferring it manually after you migrate.

Tell which file need to be edit

Could you tell me which file need to be edit. I am a programmer will look into it(will take backup before taht). I need to work this out really quick. I need to migrate my other 100 accounts as early as possible. Manually (unpack and repacking) no way with that big accounts 500mb per account not a way to do manually. I might give it a shot.

From last 3 weeks I been struggling and my current VPS is making me mad.

If anyone is still having cPanel import issues, open a ticket in our support system with a copy of the backup in question –