Some tweaks that can make backups to fail

Not sure if a bug, just something that kept me away from doing backups from nodeworx until I figured it out, since the backup seems to work but it just keeps ‘in progress’ forever.

Then I looked on the forums and see how to do manual backups from SSH.

When I did:

# /home/interworx/bin/backup.pex --domains=all --web --mail --file-path=/backup [EMAIL="--email=someuser@domain.tld"]--email=someuser@domain.tld[/EMAIL]

…the script worked until dropping this error:

/home/interworx/include/IWorxDbUtil.php(41): DB Error: connect failed

Then I remembered that this box had mysqld shut down. So just starting it again made the trick.

# service mysqld start

I would also point out that if you do the ‘ftp-trick’ posted here:

It will break your ‘ftp accounts’ access on siteworx, and also will prevent you to make backups.

I work around this deleting the user created manually.



Thanks for the bug reports, Juan. I’ve made a note of them, and we’ll look into the problems.