Someone is trying to do some XSS on this forum?

@IWorx-Jenna have just received two email notifications in my inbox from forum user “testtest”. It appears this user is trying to do some XSS on this forum. I am not sure if this is planned or intentional but I thought I would report it. Apologies for creating a topic as there was no other options to report the user or to DM any of the admin team on here.


Thanks for the report. I’ve taken care of that user, though obviously, there is little to stop them from attempting again with different info. Digital vigilance is always best practice.

I’m sure DMs are disabled to prevent users from signing up and spamming everyone. It doesn’t look like Discourse provides a way to enable users to send messages only to admins, but there appears to be a plugin for it based on some quick Googling, so I will put in a request with the person who manages the forum to see if that is possible.

Thanks again for letting us know what you experienced.