Something came in today's mail . . .

I got something interesting in today’s mail: A magazine called Ping Zine Web Hosting Magazine. Not sure why because I never subscribed but they got my name and address for Transwarp Hosting somewhere (in looking I see they offer complementary subscriptions to web hosting professionals. Does anybody else get this?

It’s got a lot of adds and reviews for hosts, datacenters, control panels, etc.

Anyway on to the point of this email, I turned to page 23 and what did I see: A full page add for the InterWorx CP! (Clearly Chris knows what this is! LOL!)

Check it out

iworx gave this link.

It was free, but not for outside the country.

I’ve ordered some, and it’s very inetresting :slight_smile:


Ping! Zine


Chris might have something to do with your copy of Ping! Zine. And, yes, our ad is there. We are aiming high, no doubt. We need all the exposure we can get. After all, InterWorx deserves no less.

Mine just got here too. I was wondering if it would ever show up. :slight_smile:

Yes, it said something about the cost of shipping overseas causing them to charge $9.95/year.


If that’s the case, it’s appreciated. Very interesting mag, especially since it’s free.


Nope, wasn’t my fault Tim, but glad you got one. It’s a free webhosting trade mag and for those who didn’t get a chance to see the ad just check out the attachment.

We submitted the ad ages ago and with the hurricanes and other delays our “sale” was over by the time the mag came out, so we’ve extended it indefinitely :).

Look for us in theWHIR’s ( mag in the coming months as well :).


it is beautiful!!!

it is true that interworx really deserves to be much more known.

Will know that Carat Hosting supports you and makes any possible sound so that it is the case in France.

Cheer, you do very good work


shrugs I guess it’s just one of those mysteries. I guess it’s possible I subscribed to it but have no memory of it.


Agreed, very well designed ad.


Thanks all, and we’re doing what we can to raise the profile and get more users in here. We’ll also have a good size presense at Hosting Con 2005 ( as a Gold level sponsor. So if anyone plans on coming please stop by our booth!

We honestly couldn’t do it without the support we get no just on this board but on the various other boards that you all post. It’s highly appreciated.


NP, Chris. We highly appreciate the good panel and the individualized support we get from you on it. Puts you ages ahead of the competition.


Just wanted to say, I became aware of Interworx for the first time while going through my free PingZine magazine. So advertising does work! :smiley:

I’ve been using Ensim for the last few years on my servers, and I have been happy, but always afraid of doing anything that would BREAK the Ensim panel. I like the look, feel, and support that I’ve seen here on the forums for the Interworx CP. I look forward to Interworx being my next CP.

BTW, I also noticed that you guys reside in A2. Just another reason to try out Interworx CP. I’ve got to support other Michiganders! Go Blue!

Just wanted to say, I became aware of Interworx for the first time while going through my free PingZine magazine. So advertising does work!

Fantastic :), we obviously hoped it would but confirmation always helps. We’ve secured the next 5 issues of Ping Zine as well so there will be more eyeballs on us I hope.

And yep, we’re A2 based (downtown AA, above Ben & Jerry’s). We get a constant feed of waffle cone scents. mmmmmmm…


The nice thing about InterWorx is that it uses relatively “vanilla” (to use Chris’s word) versions of the service rpm’s so it’s prety hard to break something (though not impossible) and it reads the config files so if you edit them it notices.


InterWorx user for nearly a year.