Something feels "off" with the new Defaults Sites page

For some reason I don’t love the UI of this management page. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it doesn’t feel as intuitive as the rest of the NodeWorx admin pages.

I think when I play around with it more, I can update this post with some suggestions. For now I just wanted to see if I was crazy or if any else felt the same way.

Also, I think it would make sense that the default domain for static IPs would be the only domain that’s on it instead of the main “/var/www/html” default page.

Ok, one thing that would be nice would be to update all the IPs at once and hitting save. Right now I have to check out, click go, enter the domain, save…and repeat.

The way this interface is setup seems more like someone would want all non domains to go to one or two particular pages.

Suggestions are absolutely welcome!

The reason it feels like someone wants all non-domains to go to a few particular pages is because that was exactly the feature request that lead to the new feature. As always, we encourage you guys to let us know how you wind up using the software, so we can improve it and make things more intuitive for our customers.

That’s good idea about the static IPs.

Yeah, I understand this is the first release with this new feature so I’m sure it will evolve as more people use it and make suggestions.

I might be in the minority, but basically the way I had my server setup was static IP sites just loaded the site (with IP in URL) and I made one default redirect for the shared IP, using a 000000.conf file, that went to my main company site. This new way is nicer because it does a redirect to the actual domain name instead of just loading on the IP for the static, never thought about doing that before for some reason.

Although, with InterWorx flexibility, I was able to just quickly edited the conf file directly via putty and all changes were reflected in the control panel and a quick start of apache got everything working.