Sony PlayStation 3: $20,100 (eBay) -- Believe it or not!

Take a look:

No joke people! I thought that $10,000 for a 360 a week before Christmas last year was bad. I can only imagine what the PS3 will be by that time.

rolls eyes

BTW, Nintendo Wii comes out Sunday and they are already selling them on there for between $350 and $800

That’s crazy… I’ll stick to PC gaming though :smiley:

haha yeah it’s crazy! :frowning:

I’ll stick with my GameCube for the time being as the Wii hype is starting to heat up as well now.

I just treated myself to a 6800 Ultra so I can get my FPS up on my PC games!!!

PS3 will have to wait and maybe it will never happen if I build a new PC sooner rather than later.