Source code and licensing question

InterWorx looks like a fantastic product. Is it possible to tweak the scripts (php I persume) or are they encrypted?

If I by a monthly license and like the product can I cancel it and buy a One-Time license after the first month or is there a minimum term for the monthly license?


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the scripts themselves are encrypted with IONCUBE, however you can create your own theme or edit one of the default ones to your likeing (Smarty themeing engine).

The other question will need to be answered by an Iworx staffer.

You can actually just upgrade to a One Time license and we’ll deduct what you already paid from the total. No need to cancel one license and reorder another. There is no minimum term for the monthly license and we provide a 30 day money back guarantee in case you’re not happy with our control panel! :slight_smile:


And what about ‘Is it possible to tweak the scripts (php I persume) or are they encrypted?’


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Oh sorry. Tim was correct. The php files themselves are encrypted but the template files are available to edit and reskin the control panel

Thanks for your prompt response.

The reason I ask about the scripts is I want to mount a 2nd drive, make a scheduled backup then unmount the drive. I didn’t see this ability in the demo. Can it be done?

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The easiest way to do what you want is to permanantly mount the second hard drive as /backups or something and then tell the backup script to store the backup files on that alternate location.