Spam Assassin Questions...

Ok so we have Spam Assassin, but I have noticed it isn?t catching as much spam as on my old box (cPanel) but this was because I could easily add new filters to it via a web interface. I am wondering is this is still possible. Additionally I am wondering can we add a Junk Mail, or Spam Folder by default, or by mass to all accounts to there web mail interface, and have that folder cleared, either daily, or what ever the user/admin set it.

I am tired maybe I missed all this but, anyway just wondering.

I can post the script that I wrote to create Spam folders en masse, but as for by default, that’s a question for the dev team. I suspect that they’re not created by default because those folders would require IMAP or Webmail to view them (pop3 only sees the INBOX folder).

I would not mind seeing the script that you made if thats not to much trouble.

I would not mind it made in the web mail account by default.