SPAM filter by subject - mail server

Please help me how to filter span come for one of my hosting users. He has more then 150 mail accounts and on all come same message 1 per minute. All mails are with same Subject and body / win $3000 per day …etc / , but from different hosts and mail boxes I cannot filter by host or sender, Where in interworx I as hosting provider can filter messages and protect my client

Best Regards
Emil T.

Hi Emil,

Since we don’t have copies of the full message with headers, it’s hard to diagnose exactly what is going on. However, since this is fairly generic spam, I have a feeling that SpamAssassin should be able to catch this and flag it as spam. You will want to make sure that SpamAssassin is enabled at SMTP level or domain level (if you wish). If the messages are still getting through without being marked as spam, you should take a look at the messages that get through with full headers, which should contain information as to why the message has been let through. For example, you may see that your spam score threshold is too low or that the domains that the messages are being sent from are whitelisted.