Spamassassin bayes and sa-learn

We are wanting to make use of some features of the sa-learn command, such as --backup and --restore, but there seems to be an issue with the user it’s running as. Does anyone know what user has access to the global bayes database?

Also, does anyone know of a way to use a global and per-user bayes db’s simultaneously?


Hi Aos
You can set the SA for golbal server level, global domain level and user level from IW-CP (see pics)
Normally, a user would log into webmail to set their personal spam level settings and the domain Admin would log into their siteworx account, to set the domain level or personal level spam settings. Ofcourse, the domain admin could log into webmail and set their personal spam settings as a user would do
To set the global domain settings, you log into IW as Admin, and set the level to be used
The owner of SA, as far I remember, is root, but I seem to remember the sa is shown in IW database, so it might be root and iworx
I hope that helps
Many thanks

Thanks for the reply. Perhaps we need to be more specific. We are looking for ways to use the Spamasassin bayesian database using the sa-learn command. The command though requires that we identify the user that the bayesian database runs as, and we aren’t sure. We are also wondering if we can have a global bayesian database for users, but also keep a local bayesian database for individual users or domains. In the Interworx control panel, the choice seems to be either global or individual, but not configurable on an individual level.

Our other concern is that the bayesian database has been poisoned, and we are hoping to be able to avoid having to clear it altogether. Does anyone have any tips on this? Thanks!

Hi aos

Many thanks and sorry, I have read your post a few times to try to understand

Sa can be set

Global - server wide

Domain - covers all users of a domain

User - individual users

The user I would have thought would be iworx and Unix name, but could be wrong sorry

I think I may have problem understanding as spam is a user preference i.e. What could be spam to 1 user/group may not be spam to another user/group (we are not talking of malware etc type emails, only emails which the user believes to be spam to them, whilst another user may want the email).

So if your looking to cover for all users and individual users, I am struggling to see how you would overcome this issue sorry

Also, I think justec posted over sa Bayesian and that for it to work correctly, all must use and train it, for both good and spam emails, with a failure to not do so, causing issues with the Bayesian logic to define good and spam so if this is the case, it is better to turn off Bayesian

I believe you should be able to see the Bayesian database from phpmyadmin, iworx, but you would need to know the emails and/or domains to be removed. However, I think the above from justec maybe the answer your looking for as how do you know the Bayesian has been poisoned

Lastly, it’s worth noting that users can either log into their siteworx account or webmail to configure/change sa settings themselves

Many thanks