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Hi All
I am new user if interworx. Can someone with more experience tell me how can do or best practice to add custom filters in spamassassin
to mark as spam with height score message by text in BODY and filter message by text in SUBJECT. At this moment i write rules in but don’t think it is best practice


Hi Jon

I hope you don’t mind, but I am not too sure of your actual question, unless I am over reading which is possible sorry.

You can handcode rules, or you can use the IW GUI to make changes/setup custom rules as you wish, and it is set as follows:

Server Wide - Login to nodeworx - system services - mail server - spam filtering - Add Spam Preferences

Domain Wide - allow user to login to siteworx - Administration - mail options - spam settings (you can also set adanced/custom options and/or global default options)

User Only - users have to login to webmail and set spam preferences

I also advice setting your own SRBL/RBL you prefer to use in MTA, and any additional blocks you see prefer, ie IP blocking etc.

We have dedicated fully managed mail platforms, but these involve additional costs to the users, so the user can just carry on with their normal work.

I hope this helps a little and sorry if I have misunderstood your post

Many thanks


Thanks John
probably i cannot explain , that’s why will give you simple example

Subject: Say “Oh!” and “Ah!” all the nights with Eustacia Glazener
Hello dvnyumssn,

Thank you for registering at Panther Equities - Investors In The Future. Your account is created and must be activated before you can use it.
To activate the account click on the following link or copy-paste it in your browser:

How can i mark/ block / as spam similar email with same subject or body “Panther Equities” with these words in it via Add Spam Preference

now i write follow in /etc/mail/spamassassin/
header LOCAL_DEMONSTRATION_SUBJECT Subject =~ /Say “Oh!” and “Ah!” all the nights with Eustacia Glazener/i

Thanks for help.

Hi Jon

I hope you don’t mind but if our clients want trouble free spam, they have to pay extra for our dedicated managed mail platforms.

That said though, I would think you set as follows

Add header - local_demo_body body=~/\panther equities/i

Describe local_demo_body test for panther equities

Score local_demo_body 40.1

I could be wrong sorry, and other users on the forum may have more knowledge of SA, but you may have to be patient. Our managed mail platforms do not use SA.

I hope that helps a little and as I said, I apologise if I’m wrong

Many thanks


Hi Jon

Sorry I have just reread my post, and I may not have been precise, goto nodeworx, service settings, mail server, spam settings, add spam preference and locate add header, score and describe for the settings.

Also, describe may need to go last in list and I think I missed \b off as in /\panther equities\b /i

I hope that helps

Many thanks