SpamAssassin || Multiple Recipients Getting Through Filter...

Hey all.

SpamAssassin has been working great with one very annoying exception (Qmail may play a role in the problem as well, I don’t know)

We’ve been getting a bunch of Drug/Pharmacy Spams with multiple recipients in the “To:” or “CC:” header lines.

SpamAssassin flags the message as Spam (i.e. it’s over the spam score threshold), which means the message “should” be sent to each accounts IMAP “Spam” folder, but instead it gets delivered, I believe, to each recipient account’s inbox.

SpamAssassin is doing its job correctly, but perhaps Qmail is at fault – I have no idea, but myself and my client’s staff are getting annoyed dealing with the flood.

Any ideas?

SpamAssassin is turned on in Nodeworx, but turned off at the Siteworx level.

Thanks for any clues!


Hi Noah,

Here’s what is going on - when mail is scanned at the SMTP level and there is 1 recipient, it can run spamassassin like this:

spamc -u

This will load preferences for that user/domain. But if there are multiple recipients, it can only do


without a -u parameter, because it doesn’t know which recipient it should use. This sometimes means some spam will get by without the user/domain specific preferencs getting loaded.

It should still deliver tagged spam to the user’s Spam IMAP folder if exists however.

Turning on SpamAssassin at the SiteWorx level can fix this, since at the SiteWorx level there can only ever be 1 recipient (the user the message is being delivered to). Unfortunately other than that, there isn’t really a good way to fix this.

OK, no problem I have CPU cyles to spare, so I’ll enable SA at Sitworxlevel as well.

I assume this will take care of aliased email addresses as well? Right now, for one of the domains on my server, SA/Qmail faithfully send anything to this alias directly to my server admin account (the target of the alias), despite the fact the Bayes filter catches the same Spams for other non-aliased accounts in this domain.

I’ll enable SA in Siteworx and hope it does the trick!