SpamAssassin not working as well...

My SA isn’t working as well since I moved to a new server. A ton of spam messages are coming through and are not marked as spam and I have the threshold set at 2.5 for this particular account.

I don’t know if the SA training they have been doing helped a lot and then somehow this was lost during the move or if there was just some other global setting I had made that I didn’t transfer over.

Does anyone have some custom changes that can help improve SA detection?

I think the problem for this one client is do to losing the bayes database.

But while I’m looking around at the spam stuff what do others have for their file and what plugins do you enable?

Also, I asked this in another thread (old thread), but I guess it makes to have it here.

Does bayes have to be enabled in the file or is that done somewhere else? Right now its commented out.

#   Use Bayesian classifier (default: 1)
# use_bayes 1

#   Bayesian classifier auto-learning (default: 1)
# bayes_auto_learn 1

#   Set headers which may provide inappropriate cues to the Bayesian
#   classifier
# bayes_ignore_header X-Bogosity
# bayes_ignore_header X-Spam-Flag
# bayes_ignore_header X-Spam-Status

Hi Justin,

At the bottom of the file, there should be some database config info for the bayes and auto-whitelist setup. If bayes is enabled in the NodeWorx setup, then it’ll be enabled in database of spam options. So, no, it doesn’t need to be enabled in

If you look at the e-mail headers of the messages that aren’t getting tagged as spam, you should see what if any spamassassin rules are getting triggered by the message, which can be telling.

Thanks Paul, after I wrote the message above I read another old thread and figured that all the Iworx config was stored in the database.

I think my biggest issue was the bayes training which one of my accounts was doing very well. They are really the only ones complaining now and I’m 99% sure it’s b/c I lost all their training history in the move.

I also visit a thread with a link to a lot of add on filters which I’ve downloaded a few in the /etc/mail/spamassassin folder to see if that helps.

And am also interested in trying the auto update of filters using sa-update which I found a thread on here: