spf record for sites


Does anyone know how to add a SPF record to sites, so I dont see this message when I do a DNS report.

Your domain does not have an SPF record. This means that spammers can easily send out E-mail that looks like it came from your domain, which can make your domain look bad (if the recipient thinks you really sent it), and can cost you money (when people complain to you, rather than the spammer). You may want to add an SPF record ASAP, as 01 Oct 2004 was the target date for domains to have SPF records in place (Hotmail, for example, started checking SPF records on 01 Oct 2004).

If you do could you please share your info.

Thanks in advance


Here is a website that help you to create a SPF record.


enter your domain name.

This tools is working with tinydns


Does iworx support TXT records so that SPF can be published?

It appears to support TXT records now. Yay iworx!

Thanks for the reply I did look at this but how do I enter the info it supplys.
I new to this CP and the way things work with it along with the DNS system it uses.

For example I fill in the wizard you provided and enter some data it then supplies me with.


how do I get this linked to a domain? I need step by step please, as still getting used to the CP


My domain, kiretsu.net, is hosted on my Iworx server. That server sends mail. Therefore, I add “a” to the SPF record. Additionally, the MX record points to mail.kiretsu.net, which is also allowed to send mail, so I add “mx” to the SPF record. Since NO OTHER HOST is allowed to send mail from @kiretsu.net, I add “~all” to the end of the record. Here’s how it looks in Interworx:

Add new record:

    Host          Type            Target           TTL
[kiretsu.net]     [TXT]     [v=spf1 a mx ~all]   [43200]

Tinydns is painfully confusing, and Interworx users don’t configure it directly, anyway, so the “instructions” on pobox aren’t very useful. Use the above example, just replace the target portion with the result you got (the part to the left of the [explain] button).

When a zombie computer at compuserve.net tries to send email from chris@kiretsu.net to someone that checks SPF, they see that compuserve customers aren’t allowed to send mail from @kiretsu.net, and drop the forged mail before it is even delivered.

Iworx devs: any possibility of incorporating pobox’s SPF wizard into the CP?


if the cdemain post is not enough clear for you, I may do a more detailled step by step how to. But i’m sure you’ll not need it as the cdemain how to is very good.



I think it should be in the Doc’s how to do anyway maybe someone could write up with screen shots. It’s like everything when you know how. And the way CDEMAIN explained was 1st class.

So a big Thank you to both of you.


yes, if I have some time I’ll maybe write an howto

So a big Thank you to both of you.

No pbm :slight_smile:


Yes, this is one of the 1.9.0 updates and for this very reason.

NodeWorx => DNS Management

Click on the Zones button next to the zone you want to edit. At the bottom of the screen there is a menu allowing users to manually add records, inclduding txt records.

This can only be done from NodeWorx.


I’m having a problem with this working correctly. I have a SPF record created as such in Nodeworx:

somedomain.com  	 TXT  	 v=spf1 a mx ~all  	 43200

Also in DNS:

mail.somedomain.com  	 A  	 65.110.xx.xx  	 43200
mail2.somedomain.com 	A 	66.23.xx.xx 	43200
mail.somedomain.com  	 MX  	 10  	 43200
mail2.somedomain.com 	MX 	20 	43200

mail.somedomain.com being the Interworx box, mail2 being a local exchange server (which really isn’t answering for the domain yet, but will).

Mail for that domain is being pulled via POP3 to the above mentioned local MSExchange server running GFIMailEssentials, which checks SPF records as a means of spam prevention. The local Exchange server does not answer for this particular domain (yet), but simply delivers that domain’s email to local accounts.

GFI for Exchange is marking any mail from this domain as spam via SPF. It doesn’t seem like it should, since the record (and what’s actually happening) seem correct.

Anyone have any thoughts on what to troubleshoot?


*** Edit *** I should be a bit more specific … it’s generating a “SoftFail,” not an absolute forgery – just a probable forgery.

I have a way of asking questions in a more complicated manner than necessary

… do-over ;):

  1. I have (what appears to be) a correctly formatted SPF record created for a Domain housed on an IWorx box.

  2. I have other Domains who see valid mail sent from this domain as being “probably forged” (SoftFail).

Is parsing for SoftFail on the server-end just to harsh?


… apparently it is. I’ve seen a few other domains (now) being caught on our Exchange end by SPF “SoftFail,” like SagoNet.

I lowered the aggresiveness of SPF to parse for “HardFails” only, and all is well. If someone knows the secret of how to get a domain to pass SoftFail, I’d be interested.


I need some clarification on the SPF records. My server is hosting a number of domains, and from what I can tell they all send out mail on the same IP and the reverse DNS for that IP will point back to smtp.maindomain.com (for example). So, do I only need to add a TXT record for maindomain.com or will I need to add one for every domain on the server with the [v=spf1 a mx ~all] value?

Will version 3 of Iworx support SPF-records in a “on/off” fashion? (instead of having to add these manually)

Well thsi can be very usefull, i cant udnertand why allc otnrol panels not have spf records enabled yet in automatic way, some offcial repply from iworx please?

I’m trying to do the same thing. I always get this from the SPF Test

Input accepted, querying now...
SPF records are primarily published in DNS as TXT records. The TXT 
records found for your domain are:
"v=spf1 mx -all"
SPF records should also be published in DNS as type SPF records. This is new and
 most implementations do not support it yet.
No type SPF records found.
Checking to see if there is a valid SPF record. 
No valid SPF record found of either type TXT or type SPF.

When I’m on nodeworks do I enter the string with or without the quotes?

You enter it without the quotes.

I’ve tried both and it still tells me it’s not finding a record on my server. The issue is I have an IPB Forum and e-mail is not working when I send bulk e-mail or to notifity users to reply notifications. I contacted my host and they said it could have something to do with not havbing SPF records setup and not having RDNS setup. But SPF doesn’t seem to want to setup.

What’s the domain in question? Maybe we can try to see what’s going if we have that information.

I was just about to post the information