Sqlite update for my InterWorx / NodeWorx server

Hi all,

How can I update my sqlite to something newer than 3.7.17 from 2013?

Background: I’m running COPS on my server. It’s an OPDS server (an ebook library server) that reads the database file from Calibre (an ebook library manager). Calibre uses sqlite as its database engine. Calibre updated to version 5 and that version uses sqlite 3.9 or later. This means COPS requires sqlite 3.9 or later. Version 3.9 is from 2015.

My tech support can’t figure out how to install sqlite 3.9.

Is there any way I can get sqlite 3.9 installed on my SiteWorx server?


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Are you a siteworx user and not a nodeworx/sys admin user

If siteworx user, I think you need to open a support ticket with your provider

As far as I know, interworx does not use sqlite so for it to be installed, would have to be completed by sys admin of the server

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As John said, this isn’t something that’s possible via your SiteWorx account. If the server administrator can’t or does not want to upgrade the sqlite version, there isn’t an option for you to do so in SiteWorx. CentOS is not a cutting edge distro, which is one of the reasons it is so popular for servers. Given that CentOS 7 was released in 2014, seeing packages from 2013 is pretty normal. We are working on support for CentOS 8, which should ship with sqlite 3.26. Once that’s done, you would have more options, but again, only if your tech support team decides to upgrade to CentOS 8.

I’ve used COPS in the past and I love Calibre. I now use Calibre-web, which is a prettier/fancier version of COPS. Great software!

Is Docker an option? That seems to be the most popular Calibre-web install method. Or, do you have a suggestion on what I should download and how I should install?

Note: This is my server, leased from LiquidWeb. So, I have the NodeWorx interface as well as SiteWorx.


I use Docker for running Calibre-web. Unfortunately, there is no management support for Docker in InterWorx. You could install it on the server, but InterWorx wouldn’t know about it or manage it in any way. Given the amount of work you’d be doing outside of InterWorx to get Docker up and running, it would almost be more worth it to just spin up a small unmanaged VPS on one of the many cloud providers that offers that sort of thing. Some of them can be started up for around $5/month.

Having said that, if you have root access to the server, you may be able to upgrade Sqlite yourself. I don’t know exactly the protocols that Liquid Web has in place, so you’d like need to clear it with them, there are articles out there about upgrading the sqlite version on CentOS 7. For instance: https://linuxhint.com/upgrade-to-latest-sqlite3-on-centos7/

I will say that this sort of upgrade should be done at your own risk. We don’t support packages/software provided by third parties (including CentOS), so this would be an unsupported change by us.

Even though this is unsupported by our support desk, if I get some time later in my shift, I will run through the instructions from that link on a test VM and see what happens.


If you search the forums, other Nodeworx users have/are using docker without issue

However, as I do not know cops or the software you are using, I cannot determine if docker would work unless you are meaning you will run 2 x docker, 1 for nodeworx and 1 for cops

Myself, I would go with IW-Brandon approach, spin up a cheap vps and continue to have full support on nodeworx

I hope that helps a little but sorry if I am wrong

Many thanks