SRV Records for Autoconfiguring Email Clients?

Supporting email is a PITA with users and there must be a better way. When you set up Outlook to connent to interworx, one of the things it does is check for “Settings” for your domain. I believe it does this with SRV records. I attempted to put records in for my domain, but it does not auto-configure. However, the behavior did change a little, so I think I got a little closer.

Anyone know how to set up the auto configure settings to work with Interworx? Thanks!

Hi marco114

I think auto configure is for exchange/activesync, so I do not think you can set autoconfigure for qmail.

If you have set though, srv settings and I presume pointed it to imap, then I think that’s about as much as you can do, but please make sure your SSL cert is current and from a CA paid cert, or you’ll hit a notice which must be accepted due to unknown cert.

I could be wrong but hope that helps a little

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Thats disappointing. Oh well. Guess I need to make up a little wizard that walks them through it. I’m tired of repeating myself dozens of times a week.

Hi Marco114

Sorry, you could try as follows, but I have not tested it, other then the records resolve correctly, according to google DNS.

The picture shows the settings for SRV, and please note the _ on some settings, and below shows result of external testing using NSLOOKUP, set type=srv

I hope that helps a little

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autoconfigure srv check

> _autodiscover._tcp.yourdomain.url

Non-authoritative answer:
_autodiscover._tcp.yourdomain.url SRV service location:
priority = 0
weight = 0
port = 443
svr hostname = mail.yourdomain.url

autodiscover SRV.jpg

Sorry, just 2 things which I noticed when checking my answer, so please note:

set Port to your mail port (I was thinking SSL port sorry, no idea why)

The service should read _autodiscover, but my cursor was flashing at begining of line, so ignore this cursor flash line

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Sorry, last post as I forgot to mention, beofre setting SRV record, you need to create an A record called autodiscover.yourdomain.url.

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I have just tested my srv record, and it does appear to work, but there is no xml on website, and fails here, but click continue and it set the account up in Outlook 2007.

When I checked though, it set to our enterprise mailers, which is correct as that is the mail platform to that domain.

I hope that helps

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I always tell people how to do it manually :stuck_out_tongue: