SSH auth/keys

I’d like to see features to:

  • Set SSH authentication types (key, password, or both)
  • Set SSH keys for shell users
  • Generate SSH keys for shell users and have NodeWorx e-mail the user their key pair

Oh and I’d like the ability to let the users out of the jail :slight_smile:

The ssh key features are good ones CMI. And we’ll be releasing a whitepaper shortly to lay out how you can get users in (and out) of jails for those upgrading from 1.9.x iworx-cp.


Great. Also, I miss being able to view user’s passwords :frowning:

…miss? :slight_smile:

Yeah :slight_smile: It wasn’t a “feature” but I could do it :slight_smile:

I thought I was missing something for a minute there. :slight_smile: Leave it to CMI to find undocumented “features” in any software. :wink: