SSH Keys

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I have been searching for this but I am not seeing anything recent on this. Does Nodeworx have a way to disable password authentication for SSH and allow for SSH key’s? If so, can this be set via the GUI instead of Command line?

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I believe you can edit the SSH config file directly from the GUI (nodeworx, system services SSH), and set the options as you need.

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This is how I disable SSH and get it working for only the passphrase (I also provide this for customers):

Create the SSH Keys

1.) ssh-keygen
2.) Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase): We recommend setting one for security.
3.) ssh-copy-id root@interworxipaddress
4.) type yes to continue.
5.) nano /root/.ssh/

Copy the file and save it as a .pub file. You can now use that .pub file to log into your server.

Disable password access

1.) nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config or System Services > SSH Server > SSHD Config File Syntax: Edit Configuration File
2.) Find PermitRootLogin and set it to PermitRootLogin without-password
3.) Find: PasswordAuthentication yes and set it to PasswordAuthentication no
4.) Reboot the SSH service.

I just disable root login as standard (PermitRootLogin no), and then force administrators to su/sudo root if they need escalated privileges.Since we are running ASL, password based authentication is disabled even for regular users, and only public key authentication is allowed.I always remind users to use passphrases on their public keys.Since we are running LVE+CageFS form CloudLinux, any user with a UID >100 is placed in LVE (container based virtualization), and get their own little virtual machine.