SSI/Save_mod/java/c++ : A discussion with the Iworx community

Hello all

I’d like to discuss about 4 points that might interest all the iwtrox community.The first 1 is to know how you configure SSI and a discussion about the best method, the other 1 is your opinions about the save_mode PHP option and the 2 others points are dev implementation for users (C/C++ and Java).

1- SSI configuration.
As far as I know there is 3 ways to configure SSI. A good way and two others not so good way (it’s my opinion of course)

1.1 Generaly we configure SSI by adding these lines in the httpd.conf

Options +Includes (in .htaccess or httpd.conf per directory)

And which files are to be parsed
AddType text/html .shtml
AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .shtml

The inconvenient is that users have to change their existing script from .html to .shtml (and all links that point to these scripts)

1.2 So a lot of users tell to simply add

AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .html

that allow to ALL html files to contains SSI code. But it means that Apache will look in ALL html file for SSI code and migth downgrade the perfomance.

1.3 But there is an other way with the XBitHack directive set to on

XBitHack ON

in this case all file that have the +x authorisation bit (exec) will be treat as SSI. So basicly a user that would like to add SSI in an existing file will only have to chmod this file to +x

We personaly implement solution 1.1 and 1.3 together. This way our clients that use SSI with SHTML files can do this and others that would like to use SSI with existing html might also do this by chmoding +x their html files.
We also have added the OPTION INCLUDES in the <directory /home/*/public_html> directive. (and only the OPTIOn INCLUDES not the ALLOW directives. We’ve done this for backward compatibility. Indeed at the begining we dodn’t add SSI and didn’t modify the iworx vhost-conf-files to add by default OPTION INCLUDES for all siteworx creation.

- Which configuration do you use for SSI and Why ?

2- Save_mode in PHP.
For a long time I am hesitating to enable or not save_mode. In one case it is true that it allow more security but in other case a lot of scripts/blog ask for save_mode off and we don’t want to change this value per vhost every day.

[I]- Do you use it with your iworx box ? I’d like to know if a lot of you use it or not.

  • What is you opinion about this ?
  • For them whom use it. What is your config ? per allow save_mod per vhost or globaly ? use a specific dir of exec ? include ?[/I]
    Our concerns is that it could be great to have the ability to enable/disable save_mod per vhost basis.

3- Add more development option to siteworx users : compilers.
I know it’s really depending of the box, but i,n addition to SSI and CGI (we allow perl, python and tcl) and we’d like to give to our customers the option for creating C, C++ and JAVA pgm.

3.1 C and C++
To do this we have to add compilers. C and C++ is generaly already installed on a box (well C is and a yum install easily add C++ option to gnu C).

[I]- Do you already give to your user the ability to compile C/C++ program with make ?

  • Any opinions about security ?
  • Do you use and allow your user to use an ANSI C libray for CGI like (like or CGI::Lite for perl) ? any opinions about this ?[/I]

3.2 JAVA compiler
Same for JAVA we’d like to allow our xutomers to create/run JAVA programs.

[I]- is some of you have implemnted JAVA on an iworx box ?

  • Which compiler do you use ? gcj ? jre/jdk ? ibm ? blackdown ? other ?
  • Do you use Tomcat ? apache jserv ? [/I]

I’m very interesting to know if some of you allow your siteworx users to create java application/jsp/servlet etc… and how you did the configuration and finally what are your advises, opinion, does it work well, fast ?

Here we are, I think that some of you might be interested by these questions, discussion and answers. Maybe it is not the good place to begin a post like this one, maybe it could be better to post one post per subject (lol I post enough posts yet).

Hope you’ll participate and help every body to gain new knowledges, new visions about these subjects and finally that these subjects might help some of us to decide to implement and how to implement these points

Thank you by advance to all of the iworx comunity, Iworx staf included of course.



Is some of you already installes a Mod_JK to have tomcat work together with Apache ?
Do you already done this in a interworx box ? any kind of pbms ?

Thanks for your help


I some of you are interested I can explain howto :

  • configure SSi on your box (both with .shtml and .htm) which is not set by default

And in few days I could give you an howto for installing and using TOMCAT in a sharedhosting environment (to serve servlet and jsp). We are currently doing tests.


  • Which configuration do you use for SSI and Why ?

We generally use your 1.1 solution pascal. The xbithack honestly is too confusing for most users and they would rather just name files .shtml. At least this is my experience.


[quote=pascal;8368]And in few days I could give you an howto for installing and using TOMCAT in a sharedhosting environment (to serve servlet and jsp). We are currently doing tests.

Hi Pascal,

Did you perform the tests? can you share the how-to ? :wink: