SSL and Clustering

Hi, I am in the process of setting up my first system around Interworx. My question relates to the number of IP addresses required for installation and SSL.

For example, say I have 4 SSL Enabled sites and I have 1 Master and 2 Extra Load Balanced Clusters for a total of 3 Interworx Servers.

Does just the Master need the extra IPs or do the slaves also need extra IP addresses?

Thanks so much. I am really liking Interworx so far.


Marc P.
Falcon Internet


Has thus question been addressed yet?

One of the developers can correct me if I am wrong but as I understand it the ssl certs need to be installed on the cluster manager and the CM requires two IP’s just for itself (one for web access, one for the quorum IP) and each Node needs one IP.

Your CM would need at least 6 IP’s then and each Node needs one.

Yes I got it answered and you are correct. The Master server simply does IP forwarding so there isn’t a need to have multiple IPs on the slaves for each SSL. (Which is very good).