SSL cerificate


I’ve created a test domain on a dedicated IP

When I try to create a SSl certificate I have this error :
"You have specified a non-existing pointer domain and you have reached your quota for pointer domains. "

Thanks for your help

Hello Pascal,

When you create an SSL certificate, you are asked to supply the Common Name (domain name) that the certificate will be valid for. This is very specific, so the Common Name “” is different from “”. As you know, a pointer domain is a domain that doesn’t end with the same domain name as your current Siteworx account. In order to save you time in creating SSL certificates, if you specify a pointer domain in the Common Name field of the SSL certificate, Siteworx will first attempt to add the pointer domain before continuing with SSL creation. Otherwise, you would first have to create the pointer domain before creating the SSL certificate.

The error you received, assuming you’ve reached your pointer domain quota, is because Siteworx was unable to add the pointer domain, and thus any SSL certificate to that domain would be invalid.

Have you reached your quota for pointer domains? If so, then this is exactly the error message you should receive. If you have not reached your quota, then this is most definately a bug. :slight_smile:

I hope this answers your question, and I apologize for the confusion. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.


Thanks for this answer, but no I have not reached my quota for pointer domain. As for this account I have no limitation at all. (this is a test account on a dedicated IP)

But I found the error, and I’m very confused :eek:

So sorry to bother you with that, in fact it was only a keybords error :\ (I was on QWERTY keyboard and not AZERTY so I assume I wrote Q and note A in the common name)

Now everything is working fine so I confirm it’s not a BUG (or my head bugs)



Thanks for the update, Pascal.