SSL: Generate the CSR before moving to static IP

I understand that SiteWorx will not show the SSL management area for shared IP’s, because that just isn’t a possible setup. However, we have a scenerio which requires the CSR to be generated before the customer is given a static IP address.


  • The customer requests a SSL cert.
  • We switch their DNS TTL's to 600 (10min), down from the default 43200 (half day). This is in preparation for switching the customer from a shared IP to a static IP, which minimal perceived downtime.
  • [B]A generated CSR is needed at this point.[/B] While we are waiting on everyone to learn the new DNS TTL's, we can also be waiting on the CA to do the necessary background checks, and then return the signed cert.
  • Shared IP => Static IP
  • The SiteWorx SSL interface becomes available (needed in step #3), which is then used to install the certificate.
  • The DNS TTL's are switched back to 43200 for the customer's domain.[/LIST]

    My feature request is a CSR generator, on the NodeWorx side. I am just looking for a shortcut to the CSR, which SiteWorx provides 2 steps too late. :slight_smile:

    Instead, we are stuck with this manually:

    openssl req -new -nodes -keyout myserver.key -out server.csr
  • Jimp, we’re reworking the SSL interface, so we’ll make note of this. In general, being able to manage SSL certs (or at least generate CSRs) from NodeWorx makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the input!


    Many thanks, Socheat