SSL Issue on Secondary Domains


There is an issue with the Multi-Domain capability in Iworx 3, as it allows SSL’s to be installed on one of the Seondary domains, however as its a dedicated IP the NameVirtualHost directive isn’t in /etc/httpd/conf.d/namevirtualhost.conf, therefore the virtualhosts overlap and wont work correctly.

Adding the IP into namevirtualhost.conf doesn’t work, as then there is a mis-match over using the IP more times, resulting in the error:

mixing * ports and non-* ports with a NameVirtualHost address is not supported, proceeding with undefined results

Can this be either confirmed as a bug and the SSL ability removed from accounts with Secondary domains - or is there a ‘work-around’ we can use, so that people with a multi-domain account can use SSL without having to have a separate account for the SSL-domain.

Cheers! :smiley:

Fixed this temporarily by adding following into /etc/httpd/namevirtualhost.conf

NameVirtualHost XX.XXX.XXX.XX:80
NameVirtualHost XX.XXX.XXX.XX:443

where XX.XXX.XXX.XX is the IP being used as a Dedicated IP, on an account with Secondary domains, and requiring SSL.