SSL: Multiple uses for a certificate

Currently the SSL section of SiteWorx enables SSL for the account, but only with Apache. I think it could be used for more, but correct me if I’m wrong. Ideally, if a customer has their own IP and SSL, I would think they could benefit by using it with:

  • Apache
  • ProFTPD
  • qmail
Can ProFTPd and/or qmail be configured with per-domain (or per-IP) settings? I have already found the Secure ProFTPD How-To, but I think it is a server-wide setup with one instance of ProFTPD listening on all IP addresses.

Just as an example, we connect to our mail server by using the domain I would like to say to my co-workers “Select SSL in your mail options and use as the address.” (We own a cert for already.) A similar statement would follow about FTPS usage.

By the way, if any of this stuff is possible but you do not intend to implement it [soon], could you please give me a few hints about how to get TLS or SSL working with our mail server (working with our cert)?