SSL Replace Existing Certificate Option

Guess this is not that important, but would be nice. Especially now that you have to replace certificates once a year no matter what.

When replacing an existing one you have to delete the existing one, leaving the site with broken SSL until you paste in and submit the new one. The process only takes like 30 seconds, so not a big deal, but having a replace button option with a modal box popup to paste in the new certificate and then have it just replace the existing one cutting out the “downtime.”

Or maybe an even better method, but more complex UI and coding wise, would being able to generate a whole new private key and CSR (which is best practice). Building a way to create an entire replacement certificate, as pending, while leaving the current one in place. Then click a Activate and Replace button once the pending one is good to go.


Can you provide more information on why you are needing to replace SSLs every year? Are these SSL certs you purchased? Are you referring to domain-level certs or system service certs?

If you are using Let’s Encrypt, a new cert should always just automatically generate/update itself.


Jenna sorry to jump in but that will be on purchased SSL Certs
They changed this year the maximum SSL certificate validity and reduced it down to 12-13 months.
I purchased several Domain SSL for 5 years back in 2020 and have them reissued each year, so have to replace the existing cert with a new one each year.

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That is good to know. We have so few customers using paid SSLs, anymore, that I was not aware of that requirement.

I’ll submit a feature request for something like @Justec is suggesting–I can see how it may be useful–though I have no ETA, nor guarantee.

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Yes, @bear explained it perfectly. I am using paid certificates for most of my sites now. I never got into the Let’s Encrypt thing, I guess I’ll have to check that out and see if there are any drawbacks. But having that automatically update would be nice.