Starcraft 2

Curious if anyone here is anxious like me for the release of Starcraft 2. I remember hearing about it years ago but still no release date has been officially announced. Last year I was hearing it would be by Christmastime. Now I’m hearing it won’t be until the end of this year. :frowning:

I’ve been following it since the announcement and I am super excited. Most of junior high and high school is a blur because of StarCraft. Have you watched the StaftCraft II battle report video? Since watching it, all I want to do is play StarCraft to try to get back in practice.

I suck at games like these :(. I know, it hurts my geek cred.

Meh, I suck at most first person shooters.

I just watched the battle report video. Interesting to watch a game with commentary. :slight_smile: Me and my manager have been playing Starcraft a few times a week at work to get back into practice for Starcraft 2. We thought that if things slowed down again we would host small LAN parties for Starcraft 2 on the 2nd floor of our building, which is fairly empty right now. :smiley:

That time i was a young kid, loved to play computer games and Star Craft 2 was one of my favorite. Still i remember those loving characters Jim Raynor. Nova Terra. Arcturus Mengsk. Tychus Findlay…miss those exciting moments of playing this game back in 2011-12