Stat Log Purging

The ability to (automatically/manually) purge the various stats logs for particular Siteworx accounts from within Nodeworx.

Not a bad idea :smiley:

Was just search for a post I made on a way to do this from the command line and found this. Still think this would be a great idea.

Here’s the one I was looking for:

Hey Guys,
I’ll make sure this gets added to our feature request list so our developers know about it.

I also support the requirement; there is no point in keeping all the old stats.

Similarly for deleting older backups as well (that I have mentioned in some other thread)

Backup rotation is being worked on right now, it’s nearing completion and it should be out with the next point release of InterWorx (which will be 4.8).

thanks Jon ( found the post I mentioned: )

Another feature request for encrypted backup: