statistics question?

Good day to you all

I have a couple of siteworx accounts that are just used for mail only and no website, statistics are not needed and just use up server space.
is there an easy way of disabling all statistics for for just these accounts

using InterWorx Version 5.1.52-1375

Thank you

Hi Bear
Good qestion and to be honest, I do not think it would be easy, as the cron runs for all siteworx accounts I believe.
I could be wrong though sorry
If the site(s) are not used, the amount of space the stat logs would occupy would be marginal (kb not mb), so I am wondering of this is worth the effort
I suppose a quick workaround, would be to setup a cron job to delete the stat logs for the siteworx you do not want/need and run it daily (the stat logs are held in <siteworx unix name>/var/logs I think from memory
You may want to open a support ticket to ask IW but if you do, if you could possible update your post to help others that’ll be great
Do you mind me asking why you have not upgraded to IW to v6.0.30 - there are a vast amount of changes between the 2 versions now, including multiple PHP options. Please feel free to not answer this if you prefer not too
Many thanks

Good morning

After looking at the amount the space the stats use, I agree its not worth the effort setting up a cron or a work round.
Just thought there might be an easy option somewhere to disable them.

I haven’t upgraded as I have my updates set to release (default) and not release candidate, might consider it now as its been in release candidate for a while now

Thank you for your reply, appreciated as always :slight_smile: