Storage Used

I think that I found a storage bug.

When I look at a site in the CP it showes:
Storage Used: 33.79 MB
When I do a du --si in /home/sitecom it shows the following (showing only the big maps):

68M ./
68M ./
[SIZE=1]336M ./var/
[SIZE=1]325M ./var/
[SIZE=1]329M ./var/
[SIZE=1]126M ./var/
126M ./var/
[SIZE=1]457M ./var/
2.2G ./var/
2.2G ./var[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
2.3G .[SIZE=1]
I know that the mysql database size isn’t included in the “Storage Used” in the CP (Will it be included in InterWorx-CP 3.0?) but since ./ is 68M according to du, I guess that the 33.79 MB value in the CP is wrong.



Did you run a quotacheck to update the quotas? sometimes they get out of wack for some reason
quotacheck -cugvmf -F vfsv0 / (if you get an error try /chroot /home or /chroot/home)



As for the databases counting toward the quotas this is a Linux issue not an Iworx issue.

However, there IS a work around:

You will need to stop the mysql service and move /var/lib/mysql (or it’s contents anyway) to somewhere inside /chroot/home and then create a symlink from /var/lib/mysql to it’s new location
Then upate the quotas.

I would advise NOT doing this in a clustering configuration as extra things in /home could cause problems (interworx and vpopmail dirs are just symlinks to their “real” locations elsewhere.

Also, remember that quota is calculated based on group ownership. You could have 65M of files in /, but if 30MB of those files are owned apache.apache, then the quota for the user will be 35MB.


When I’m viewing my list of accounts with Nodeworx, my storage always shows 0.00 on all accounts. The bandwidth appears to display accurate numbers but my storage has never showed anything but zero. How can I figure out what the problem is? It’s causing a problem since I have one account in particular that should have a limit of 100MB but are currently using nearly 400MB since the storage is not being calculated properly.

Please open a ticket and we’ll look into it. Thanks!


I have my server with Jaguar PC, so I’ll submit a ticket with them. I thought I’d ask you guys first in case it was a common problem with a simple fix. I’ve noticed this since day one (with version 2 and 3). Hopefully they can figure it out because it renders any limits I place on an account useless.