Strange behaviour in Firefox for spam settings

This is not a major issue but it had me scratching my head until I worked out a way around it.

I’m using nodeworx/siteworx 4.1.0 with Firefox 3.0.13.

I go to Siteworx, Administration, Mail Options and try to change the ‘Spam Delivery’ options to ‘Delete spam scored higher than this value’.

In Firefox the cursor will not stay in the input field for the threshold value if I click in the input field. If I click in the field the cursor jumps straight back to the radio button - so I can’t enter the threshold value. However, after a while I found that if I tab into the input field then I can type the value ok.

I don’t see this behaviour with IE 7 (7.0.5730.13)

Yup, it looks like the line by line auto validation mught have something to do with it.

The cursor does stay in the value field if you highlight the preexisting value or as you say, tab into it.

Nope, it’s not the validation, but I can confirm it’s a bug. Looks like we have the text input nested inside the <label> tag. That’s what selects the radio button, but it looks like Firefox is also giving focus to the radio.

I swear, it didn’t do that when I implemented the feature :wink:

We’ll get it fixed.


Just committed the fix - assuming it passes the unit/acceptance tests, it’ll be in the next build.