Stupid TinyDNS Trick Needed...

I know that there are going to be several ways to make this happen, but I need to make this specific thing happen for a client:

  1. Client has a website on siteworx called
  2. Client has a website on siteworx called

I need to get tinydns on server_a to subdomain forward to server_b for the subdomain Specifically, I think that I need to add the tinydns DATA record:


My first thought was to edit the dns records for under nodeworx on I thought that I would add an NS record that looked like this: NS

But (apparently) you can’t do that.

Any help would absolutely be received with open and loving arms! :slight_smile:


Dave, I think all you need to do is create a DNS “A” record on server_a for, and point it to the IP address that domain uses on server_b.

Does that make sense?


Hi Paul,

Happy holidays! Thanks for the quick reply. Hope all is well in iworx-land.

Your suggestion makes all the sense in the world if I were trying to make something like:

work, but what I have been asked to do is set up a true DNS delegated subdomain environment that gives all of the subdomains autonomous dns capability. For example, imagine… <== main company <== dns subdomain 1 <== dns subdomain 2
etc… would have it’s own siteworx account that has (among other things)
Harvey the siteworx administrator

The same would be true for except Sammy would be their administrator. Now Harvey and Sammy never got along and they didn’t trust one another. So, we have to give them separate but equal admin capabilities and keep them off of the same machine. (you get the idea…)

I know that tinydns us up to the task:
Take a look at the Delegation of domain part of that.

I just don’t know how to get that done through nodeworx or manually in a way that won’t be backed out at the next reboot. (I don’t mind using phpmyadmin if I have to.)

Hope you can help,



I’m really glad you’re asking this question - as I’ve had the very same one, but couldn’t wield a paragraph clear enough to explain it.


Hi JB,

My paragraphs are normally unwieldy! :wink:


I see what you’re saying now Dave, we’ll do some testing and get back to you soon.


Hi Paul,

I know it’s Christmas season and everyone has a ton of stuff to do. So, don’t knock yourself out on this one. It’s something that I really want to do entirely in the Nodeworx/Siteworx environment, but in the spirit of “make it work now” I have used one of our old bind-based DNS servers to act as the “root” server for the domain and used it to delegate the subdomains to the Nodeworx tinydns servers.

Just give me a “heads up” when you work it out and have a very happy holidays!