sub-domain or pointer

I have registered 3 domains and want two of them to point to the third so I don’t have to upload to all three. Problem is that I cannot find anything iin the help that tells me which (sub-domain,pointer) I should use. I tried the pointer which tells me to input just the domain(no http://www), so I did, but when I looked at the link it had no www so explorer could not find the site. Can anyone help?

You want to be using a Pointer domain in this instance.

Incorrect DNS settings sound like the cause of your problems. Best to speak to your host and see if they can ammend it, so an A record exists for your non-www version of the domain.


Thank you for the information - helped a lot.
One more problem:
I am trying to make an email address on a site, but although it does not already exist, evrytime I try to install it I am told it is already used so I cannot use it again.
Any ideas?

It may already be in the Aliases section, or group?

either that or the account was created before and deleted but not quite deleted. Check and see if it has a mail directory.