Sub-Domains working with FTP accounts

Hey there,

I was wondering - how about this. I’ve tried the demo, and to me it seems as if this isn’t possible at the moment.

How about (basically like in cPanel): after you’ve created a sub-domain, being able to create an FTP account solely for that sub-domain, so you can give it to friends, etc.

Maybe I missed something here. In cPanel you put the sub-domain as the username for the FTP account so the FTP account is for that folder. Eg: if the subdomain was then sub would be the username of the new FTP account.

Is this how it’s currently done in SiteWorx? (In which case I must have missed it, terribly sorry about this post then!) … or if this isn’t available yet, any ideas if it’s in planning or something?

Once you create the subdomain, for instance it will be pointing to so when you make your ftp account for your friend, simply limit them to the abc folder

I guess I should explain a little better… When you create the FTP account, it asks what their root directory will be. Put the path to the abc folder and they’ll only have access to that folder.

Ok, thanks for that. :slight_smile:

I thought so, but in the demo it didn’t do that, so I guess then it’s disabled in the demo.

Ok, thanks. :slight_smile:

No problemo!