Subdomain Problems

[SIZE=2]I have one domain and in siteworx it has 78 subdomains, which are all under it but they are all the other domains i have hosted on the box? I dont realy have any idea what i have done, Any Ideas?[/SIZE]

Can you clarify what you mean by “siteworx it has 78 subdomains, which are all under it but they are all the other domains i have hosted on the box”?

Are you saying that you initially had several siteworx accounts (under various domain names), but now all of a sudden they show up as subdomains of just a single siteworx account?


[SIZE=2]Last night I added about 40 domains to nodeworx, today when I was showing a customer that is just email only,, “dns is at another provider, and www is also there, but they are pointing mx to my ip” I saw that there were a bunch of subdomains listed in siteworx. The list will follow.
All of these are other domains that are on the box, and no subdomains have ever been specified for this account
All of these are listed as subdomains under

I wont list the names of the domains

Ryan, it’s still unclear what is happening, if you could open a support ticket and provide your NodeWorx login information we’ll be able to see what is going on.



I just submitted the ticket

dont feel bad about not understanding, most of the time i dont understand what i say

WOW, I have this problem too, just noticed it

I have 27 otherdomains (, domain pointers etc) showing up in site “2” that should be part of another site site “3” and when I added a subdomain to site “1” it should up here at site “2” as well, really weird!

What was the FIX for this?

it ended up being a dns problem. You may have a domain created, and deleted the dns records for it. I found that i had a couple and after i recreated the dns records everything worked out great. Interworx support was able to fix it in a matter of seconds for me, I just had to open a support ticket.

ryan, thanks for your reply, I had since opened a support ticket, but here was my reply (to benefit others in the future) to the a techs question concerning the ZONE.

"OK, the problem is solved.
Here is what I did, since I am using as a virtual (subdomain) with its own account in Siteworx the transfer from Ensim server put the “” in as an “A” record with the “” zone. DID NOT have its own ZONE, since technically speaking it is reliant on the “A” Record of the primary domain, “
I set up on purpose for security reasons.
I take it in the future I will need to put ALL VIRTUAL subdomains as a “A” record with the primary domain ALONG with create a ZONE in NodeWorx for the domain as well. "