subdomains - with www?

I have interworx running on my server and so far so good. However I’d really like having some subdomains also registered as
i.e. so and would both work…
I tried adding a ServerAlias in that domains config file, but then only points to

What’s the fix?

One way you could do this is add another siteworx account for which will also automatically create

Otherwise you will need to add the DNS Zone, the serverAlias and probably also ‘play’ with the rewrite rules in /etc/httpd/conf.d/

I figured that much, I was just hoping there was a simpler way… Basically since if I added another subdomain, i’d have another folder, /home/user/public_html/www.subdomain I assume and i’d have to have it a symlink to /home/user/public_html/subdomain…

Oh well, i’ll just add the serveralias, cname and symlink it… Should do the trick.

Edit: Nope, won’t do the trick… still need to fiddle with the rewrite rules… Any other ideas? :slight_smile: