Do subdomains need to propogate? I don’t think so as the parent domain is already pointing to the server correctly. Is there something not working? I have index in the dir of the subdomain that was created using siteworx.

I set it up yestarday and im still getting page not found.


SubDomains do not need to propigate, but they do need to get on the DNS server. On interworx on Sago, this happens around 1Am.

I could be (and probably am) completly wrong on this, but from my understanding its how it works.

Uhm Im at hostway.

subdomains in the past work for me instantly. Something isnt working. It shows in the zone that the dns for that has been added.

Anyone else have any ideas?


kipper3d, are you using the iworx box itself as a DNS server or are you using external DNS? If you’re using the iworx box itself there is a slight delay between subdom addition and resolution, but no more than 5 or so minutes.

If you’re using external DNS servers then your mileage may vary but it’s usually fairly quick.


Also, let interworx create the folder for you for the subdomain, then put files into it. If you do it the other way around, it dosnt always work.

If you did that, rename your folder, delete the subdomain, recreate it, and then copy the contents over. Also, make sure you change the owner :wink:


Thanks for you input. Strange thing is it actually works for other sites but not for this one site. Not sure why but as long as its working for new sites, ive nothing to bitch about. :wink:

I was going to say something to that effect :wink:

AH! WHADDYA TALKIN ABOUT? LOL its instant. :wink:

Tested other subdomains, its as it should be. Just a faulty site i guess.