Support Ticketing System

I want to propose something.

Siteworx must have a very simple support ticketing system.

For example:

A siteworx user needs something extra in his account. For example a new extra mail account or something else.It will submit a ticket to his reseller.

Then the reseller check out any problem answer through this system.

I don’t mean to create something fancy like cerberus helpdesk, but just a simple form that submits data to mysql and reseller can view his related tickets.

You mean similar to Plesk?

I don’t know that plesk has it.
I just view it. Yes something like this . I think that will be usefull to the clients

This sounds like a nice function indeed. Nothing fancy, just being able to give the person putting in the support request a few options (like support, sales, etc) and then tag the messages accordingly. Perhaps an email-notification function added to that too.

(Like a really light-weight Kayako)

Yes something like that would be nice. And I agree allow a email notification to be sent to any email that the NodeWorx Admin would like, so I could send it to my Support Desk using Email Piping.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll take it into consideration. :slight_smile: If we do add something like this, it will more likely be some sort of integration into an existing ticket system, rather than a “TicketWorx-Lite” :wink:

You know that would be nice as well, maybe a option for the NodeWorx Admin to choice between a few of the top Support Desks.

Having a single login (to nodeworx) in this case, and being able to handle and close tickets would be ace, really :wink:

sound like a good suggestion