Suspend email account?

Am I correct that an option to suspend (rather than delete) an email account does not exist in Siteworx?


Correct. There is currently not an option to suspend an email account.



I could be wrong but could the email account be hashed out or deleted from the authorized list. Eg senderlist etc so an recipient not listed or unknown message is returned

This would need to be completed manually from SSH

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I am honestly not certain if that would work off the top of my head, but could be worth a try.

I also don’t know the specifics of what the poster is wanting by suspending–just not letting the user log in? Changing the password from SiteWorx would suffice. Not allowing any mail for the email address into the server at all? Disallowing it from the authorized list may work, but I’m not 100% certain.

I thought there was a feature request on file for the ability to suspend email accounts from SiteWorx, but I’m not finding it, so I am submitting one, though no ETA or guarantee.

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@IWorx-Jenna sorry I never considered those factors and you are correct in it does require more details to fully answer.

I do wonder why an email account needs suspending though, as in most leavers (short or long term) are usually set to forward to another user in the domain. Well that is nearly 99% of our clients and remaining 1% require email account to be deleted.

We do have facility to suspend email accounts/domains etc… on our enterprise mail platforms, but suspend has never been activated in 20 years… It is not a feature I would be interested in to be honest but this is my opinion only sorry

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Thanks, both of you. In my case, I have an account on my server that’s now defunct and I hoped that before figuring out how to sort through old mail to make sure I’m not deleting anything I’d want to keep, I could simply switch it off to stop the deluge of spam.


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I would try hash out or delete from authorized for qmail

This will return a 5 series code to any sender server stating cannot find email address or not configured for email on this server or similar. It’s late here sorry

You would still be able to login via webmail

You could always create a new email account and import from the email account you want to stop and then delete the email account in full

If you getting a lot of spam coming in you will need to look at why and first thing I would do is to update SA for rules and stop baysien in full if you are not training it correctly.

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I’m pretty sure I’m NOT training it correctly. I’ve got SA installed, and direct spam to my “Learn Spam” box daily, but it seems to have little effect. If someone can point me to a good document on doing it correctly, I’m happy to RTFM.



I am not sure directing emails already classed as spam to learn spam folder is a good idea… it kinda aready knows it’s spam

What are your settings nodeworx, system services, mail server, spam for

SMTP SPam Score Threshold

Auto Whitelist

is all Bayesian Scanning Options set to off


Realtime (SBL) Blacklists (what are you using)

did you update SA (from SSH) and you can set a cron job to help you

sa-update -D; service spamassassin restart

Also, not sure what SA plugins you may have installed, but we like to install pyzor and razor

yum install perl-Mail-SPF perl-Mail-DKIM perl-Razor-Agent pyzor poppler-utils re2c

yum install perl-Razor-Agent pyzor poppler-utils re2c

remember to open ports




6277 24441 2703 6277 24441

There maybe more, but above from is from memory and if installing plugins, you need to restart SA but I like to fully restart mail services as well or belts and braces, restart server

Lastly, you will need to look at the header details to see whats going on further and also, look to add most frequent IP cidr lists for sending spam to block list

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