Syntax errors with FTP Config & SSHD Config - 1 of 2 fixed

Season’s Greetings,

I just came across syntax errors on the FTP Server Info and SSH Server Info pages in Nodeworx.

The FTP error details link was explicit about deprecated directives which helped solve the problem – in proftpd.conf by turning off the NoCertRequest TLSOption and enabling TLSVerifyClient. But the sshd error I can’t figure out and this is all it says when the details link is clicked:
[INDENT]404 - Sorry, we cannot find what you were looking for!
Invalid action: ‘syntax’ on controller: Ctrl_Nodeworx_Sshd

My sshd config is fairly standard with hardly a change since the original. Can somebody tell me where to look next?


Hi sysnop

I hope your well

I?m sorry, please could I ask where you see these issues

I?ve just logged into one of our servers, initiated an sftp connection and the only issue I see shown in ftp logs is it needs enable nls for version 6, so is using version 3

I?m sorry if I have miss understood sorry

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Maybe I didn’t explain so well. It’s not an “error” as I said but rather a “not ok” message.

The 404 etc. comes after clicking details…

Aside from config notifications, SSH and SFTP clients are no longer connecting.


SSH and SFTP clients are no longer connecting.

Actually SSH and SFTP servers and clients are working fine. Connections weren’t working because of a firewall thing.

Just wondering about the problem with sshd config syntax.

Solved: Deprecated option RSAAuthencation had to be nixed plus old ssh keys had to be deleted.

Hi Sysnop
I am sorry, I have not ignored this post sorry, just a little busy here
I will have a look over the weekend if I have chance, but we are collecting our granddaughter on christmas day, and she is stopping for a week
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oppps - you have resolved issue - Kudos to you

Thanks John, and not a problem. Have a relaxing holiday with your granddaughter!

I should have figured this out quicker but it never made sense to remove RSAAuthenticaion until I saw the specifics from Nodeworx. I just needed to look harder at the little triangular warning icon to find a prize inside.